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Message  Bob le Mer 6 Mai 2015 - 20:46

Excellent scénario , à 150 pts joué avec le sublime "JC"...
Peloton du Blutkreuz contre peloton Grenadiers...

On a joué au chrono , mais je suggère 5 tours...

As the war grinds inexorably on, resources are becoming
ever scarcer, and both sides must seize any and every
opportunity to recover precious VK. After terrain
placement but before sides are chosen, each player
rolls five Combat Dice. For each Δ result produced, the
player receives one VK objective marker. If a player’s
roll does not produce a Δ result, he still receives one
VK objective marker. Players take turns placing one VK
objective marker on the battlefield until all markers are
placed. The player who produced the most Δ results
places a VK objective marker first. . Players can place VK objective
markers anywhere on the table as long as they are not
in any deployment zones and are more than 12” away
from any other VK objective marker.
If the base of a Unit Leader of a Soldier unit is in contact
with a VK objective marker, it may spend one action to
pick up the marker; place the marker next to the Unit
Leader to indicate this. If the Unit Leader is killed, the VK
is dropped; place the VK objective marker on the area of
the battlefield previously occupied by the Unit Leader’s
base. The Unit Leader may voluntarily drop the VK for
one action.
The player with the most VK marker in their possession wins the game


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Message  Old Pilgrim le Mer 6 Mai 2015 - 22:34

merci Bob pour ce scénario, il a l'air très sympa.

en tout cas comme d'habitude, très belle table I love you
Old Pilgrim

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